Made to measure covers / canopies

Severn sails offer a wide range of new covers / canopies for both yachts and motor boats.

All of our new and replacement covers are made from patterns taken from the boat itself. Therefore all of the new covers we produce are custom made and unique.  We only use the best quality materials in our covers which are suited perfectly to the job type and location.

For yachts, we are able to make: sprayhoods, dodgers, stackpacks, sail covers, and wheel pedestal covers. Where it is possible, when we replace old covers for new ones we aim to reuse stainless steel frames and fittings to keep costs down.

For motor boats we are able to produce all types of covers, from camper to flat tonneau covers.  Again, each one is custom made, fitted to the boat and we will reuse frames and fittings where possible.

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